Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I wanted to write a brief post about what I want to do with this blog and to let you know that it might be a couple of weeks before you really start to see something that actually resembles a blog( or rather the blog I want it to be).
 Well by the title of the blog you can probably already tell that it's going to be about... BOOKS!
I plan on writing reviews and I will mostly likely figure out some sort of grading/ recommendation system. I am also more than willing to accept recommendations on what you would like me to review. Fair warning: It might take me awhile to get to the books you want to review because 1.) I'm a working mom( enough said, right?)  2) I will have to track down the books if I don't already own them( I live in a small town so a lot of the time the library isn't really an option and I will have to order them which will take time).
 I have a few books which are already in my TO BE REVIEWED but I'm not going to announce what they are at this time because I can be really fickle sometimes and I might change my mind lol. Also I want to finish my current book before I write my first review.
 Thank you for dropping by! I'm so excited and I know with time I can turn this into something great.
BTW I apologize if this post sounds awful it's the first blog post I have EVER done but hopefully with time my writing skills will get better.

Happy Reading!!

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